Legislative Advocacy – At Capitol Advisors Group, we develop strategies that best position our clients to engage effectively in the legislative process. Working across the political spectrum, we create a unique advocacy plan for each client that, combined with sound relationships, helps shape good policy and positions them for success.

Regulatory and Executive Branch Advocacy – Capitol Advisors Group’s principals have strong relationships within the Governor’s office and throughout the administration, along with a deep knowledge of the inner-workings of government. Whether it’s removing a regulation that’s punitive to a business, or earning a contract to provide a service to the state, we work efficiently to ensure that our clients achieve their desired results.

Federal Delegation Advocacy – There are times when our clients have issues that need to be addressed at the federal level. We have worked for years with members of Arkansas’s federal delegation and have a proven track record of success in dealing with federal policy and funding issues.

Strategic Consulting – A winning outcome cannot be achieved without a sound, strategic plan. Whether issue-specific or high-level engagement, we help our clients create and execute strategies that solve problems, drive change and contribute to their bottom line.

Public and Media Relations – We use our knowledge of and relationships with members of the media to ensure our clients are positioned in the best possible light. We have the means and the ability to raise our clients’ visibility among key stakeholders, to secure earned media that supports their business objectives, and to manage crises effectively to protect their reputations.